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nba schedule – baji999 live – “One Thing to Go to His Mom’s Funeral, but I’d Never Hang Out With This Man Again”: Kim Kardashian Defaced by Fans After Tristan Thompson Images Emerge

Tristan Thompson and his family recently dealt with a life-altering loss. Earlier in the month, news broke that his mother, Andrea Thompson had passed due to a cardiac arrest.

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Thompson immediately flew down to Toronto while the NBA community stood united in his support. His close friends and family joined him as he grieved this loss. Reports emerged that his ex Khloe Kardashian and her family were present to support the ex-NBA star.

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While fans appreciated the coming together of the family, days after this shattering loss, fans had a problem when Kim Kardashian and Thompson were photographed together. 

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan have had a tumultuous relationship. The ups and downs of the equation were shown on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian show.

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The show also portrayed the relationship of the entire Kardashian family with Thompson. 

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Kim Kardashian bears the brunt of fans after hanging out with Tristan Thompson

Earlier in the day, Tristan and Kim were photographed together in a parking lot. The duo was on their way to watch Kim’s son, Saint, at his basketball game. Tristan was dressed in a black hoodie and pants that were paired with white shoes and socks. On the other hand, Kim flaunted an AS Roma jersey with black shoes and shorts. She also wore big red shades. The duo ignored the paparazzi as they made their way to the game. 

As photos of this went viral, fans rushed to comment about the duo being together on Reddit. They wrote that being around Tristan during a tough time was understandable. However, hanging out with him on a daily basis seemed wrong especially after being accused of cheating on her sister, Khloe.

Fans claimed that it is justified if Khloe was embarrassed by this. They alleged that Kim was betraying her sister. Some also wrote that if they were related to Khloe, they would never do such a thing. Fans predicted that Tristan was back in the family. Here are some of the reactions: 

“It’s one thing to go to his mom’s funeral, but I’d never be hanging out with this man again if he did that to my sister.”
“They don’t need to be hanging out with him unless it’s something important.”
“He’s even wearing a hoodie from Scott’s clothing brand. he’s all in.”
“I was embarrassed for Khloe”
“I will never understand their mindset with this. It’s all so messed up”